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Daybreak Dreams

Sapphire Lunar Orb | Cremation Glass Orb

Sapphire Lunar Orb | Cremation Glass Orb

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Eternal Remembrance Infused with Elegance and Meaning

Size: approximately 3" diameter

Our exquisite Sapphire Lunar Orbs blend elegance, sentimentality, and mysticism. Molten glass, formed in flames with care and reverence, transforms into a remarkable 3-inch thick spherical mass that captures both the essence of your loved one and the enduring aura of their memory in a captivating cremation glass orb.

These baseball-sized glass orbs are poignant memorials that go beyond tradition. Place them delicately on furniture tops to add a touch of grace, let them capture sunlight in the warmth of window sills, or allow them to grace your bookshelves, radiating an aura of eternal presence.

Every Lunar Orb is accompanied by a sleek glass stand seamlessly designed to complement the orb's aesthetics. Truly setting these orbs apart is the infusion of approximately two teaspoons of your cherished one's cremains encased with unparalleled artistry in the glass. These precious remains become an integral part of the Lunar Orb, a tangible testament to their enduring impact on your life.

To begin creating your memorial glass orb, we kindly request a small amount of ashes, which can be shipped to us using the collection packet we provide after placing the order. Once we receive your return, Ryan will begin crafting your glass orb, ensuring completion within 10 business days or less.

Embark on this meaningful journey today by ordering your Sapphire Lunar Orb. For any inquiries or assistance, contact us. Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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