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Daybreak Dreams

Rainbow Suncatcher Memorial

Rainbow Suncatcher Memorial

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Our beautiful blown glass suncatcher is a heartfelt memorial keepsake designed to celebrate the enduring memories of your loved ones, whether human or furry companions. This exquisite ornament seamlessly blends the artistry of blown glass with the sentiment of a memorial tribute, creating a timeless piece that captures the essence of everlasting love.

approximate size: 7" x 3.25" x 2.25"

At the center of this suncatcher stands a tiny figurine, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, symbolizing the enduring spirit of those we hold dear. The figure stands gracefully upon a hand-blown glass cloud, connecting the earthly and celestial realms. A radiant rainbow gracefully arcs across and overhead in vibrant colors that reflect the joyous moments shared with your loved one.

For a less specific expression of remembrance, the suncatcher can be ordered without the figurine, offering a customizable option to suit individual preferences. This alternative allows you to choose the perfect representation for your unique tribute, whether honoring a person or a beloved pet.

A raindrop-shaped pendant hangs beneath the cloud, adding a deeply personal touch with cremation ashes infused into the glass. This bespoke inclusion allows you to admire a part of your loved one, transforming the suncatcher into a personalized and comforting memorial.

To begin creating your memorial glass keepsake, we kindly request a small amount of ashes, which can be shipped to us using the collection packet we provide after placing the order. Once we receive your return, Ryan will begin crafting your keepsake, ensuring completion within 10 business days or less.

Our blown glass suncatcher is more than just a decorative piece; it is a heartfelt tribute commemorating people's and pets' lives. Choose the version that resonates with you. Let this unique and meaningful memorial keepsake become a visual representation of the enduring connection between you and your loved one.

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