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Daybreak Dreams

1.5" Miniature Magenta Swirl Glass Cremation Orb

1.5" Miniature Magenta Swirl Glass Cremation Orb

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Our exquisite 1.5" diameter Miniature Magenta Swirl Glass Orb is an exceptional and versatile cremation keepsake that pays tribute to the memory of your loved one. This spherical piece holds a world of meaning and is surprisingly affordable.

The orb includes a delicate glass well-proportioned stand to showcase this treasured remembrance elegantly. Whether placed on a bedside table, window sill, or any other favorite spot, the glass stand adds a touch of sophistication to the display. For those who want to keep their cherished memories close, we provide a black velvet pouch, allowing you to carry the orb wherever life takes you.

Hold the orb up to your eye and gaze through the clear glass window lens – a portal to a mesmerizing swirling galaxy of colors. This unique perspective creates a deep connection between you and your loved one's cremation remains, fostering a sense of presence and unity.

The Miniature Magenta Swirl Glass Orb is a powerful reminder of the beauty and complexity of life, even in its afterglow. It encapsulates the essence of your loved one's spirit, providing solace and comfort in times of reflection.

To begin creating your memorial glass orb, we kindly request a small amount of ashes, which can be shipped to us using the collection packet we provide after placing the order. Once we receive your return, Ryan will begin crafting your miniature orb, ensuring completion within 10 business days or less.

Embark on this meaningful journey today by ordering your miniature glass cremation orb. For any inquiries or assistance, contact us. Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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