Turning Cremation Ashes Into Glass Art

Turning Cremation Ashes Into Glass Art

The process of turning cremation ashes into glass art is a careful and delicate process. A combination of traditional glassmaking and modern tools and practices allow for the creation of beautiful and unique mementos of loved ones. Here at Daybreak Dreams, we take great pride in our lasting memorial glass, and we are happy to share how the process of how cremation glass art is created.


The Process of Flameworking


Flameworking is the process of using a torch to melt glass. In this molten state, the glass is able to be shaped through the use of precise hand movements and specialized tools. At Daybreak Dreams, we use a selection of propane/oxygen bench-burner torches and some smaller hand torches to melt borosilicate glass rods. Borosilicate glass is a material that is known for its clarity as well as its durability. These qualities, in addition to our annealing process, will ensure that our cremation glass pieces are certain to last generations.


Infusing the Cremains Into the Glass


Once we have begun the process of melting the glass, the provided cremains are then taken and put between two layers of molten glass. Once these two layers melt together, the cremains are permanently locked into the glass. This is how we truly turn the cremation ashes into glass art. Once the cremains have bonded with the glass, the one-of-a-kind piece merely has to anneal in the kiln and then go through a controlled cooling process to ensure that your memorial glass is sure to last.

If you’re interested in our cremation glasswork, we offer a selection of cremation ash glass art and jewelry. You can find our collection of pendants and other glass art here. If you have any questions about our process or our custom cremation glasswork, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help.