Glass Art Cremation Keepsakes

We create glass cremation art that uniquely honors lost loved ones or cherished pets. Our personalized memorial glassworks stand as timeless keepsakes that beautifully encapsulate the impact your loved one had on your life—an artful bridge between memory and the enduring beauty of glass.

Keepsake Collection

Jewelry Made From Ashes

Daybreak Dreams skillfully infuses a small portion of cremated remains into each piece of glass cremation jewelry, harmoniously combining the inherent beauty of glass with the ashes' symbolic significance. The results are a stunning and personalized glass cremation necklace ready to wear as a heartfelt tribute.

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Ryan Higgins, our adept artist specializing in crafting exquisite glass art keepsakes, approaches his work with resolute integrity and unwavering dedication. He meticulously ensures that each creation bestows comfort and joy upon our clients. When you choose us, you collaborate directly with Ryan—the visionary artist and designer shaping every piece. Your enthusiasm for our craft warms our hearts, and we look forward to fashioning a cherished keepsake for you. For inquiries regarding our glass cremation art, please feel free to reach out via email or phone; we are at your service to help navigate you through the process.